Legacy Threads

A harmonious mix of Japanese textile finesse, Turkish craftsmanship mastery, and Emirati opulence. 

Our sets are made of Cupro, a material derived from cotton linter. 

This fiber undergoes a metamorphosis to get meticulously purified and transformed from pre-consumer waste into lustrous, regenerated cellulose fiber - to envelope you in a cocoon of elevated luxury.

Unveil Our Story

Indulge In Eco-Conscious Luxury With Our Resting Rituals Collection

At Chō, we unveil a new sensory experience that not only pampers you in unparalleled softness, but also embodies nature’s rebirth and transformation.

The Promise Of An Elevated Resting Experience

Crafted with ecological responsibility in mind and employing circular textile practices, each piece reflects our unwavering commitment to zero-waste production. 

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A Gentle Touch on Your Skin

Our fabrics aren't just environmentally friendly; they're also designed with your well-being in mind. With moisture control features for healthier skin and hair, temperature regulation for comfort, and anti-static properties, our hypoallergenic bedding goes beyond aesthetics. Indulge in a protective haven with the promise of a blissful, comforting experience.

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