An Earth Healing Embrace in Every Fiber

At Chō, our journey towards sustainability begins at the very core - our materials. 

Our collections are crafted from VeganSilk®, a textile derived from Cupro. 

This innovative fiber, known for its silk-like smoothness, is not only timeless elegant and luxurious, but also kind to the Earth. 

Soft as clouds and embracing like water, Chō healing powers ease pain and align with your body's needs.

Like Silk, but Ethical

Traditional silk production harms silkworms, but not at Chō. 

Unlike traditional silks, harvested from cocoons after the natural metamorphosis of the silkworm, Chō's vegan silk utilizes plant-based resources, allowing you to rest easy knowing you're contributing to a gentler world. 

Sourced from sustainable and ethical suppliers, Chō embodies our dedication to minimizing environmental impact.

From Innovative Japan…

Our fibers are carefully selected and sourced, thanks to the forward-thinking efforts of Asahi Kasei. This renowned Japanese manufacturer has developed an innovative recycling process that turns cotton by-products into valuable materials, using cotton linter as a key component. Asahi Kasei stands at the forefront of blending advanced technology with a commitment to sustainability.

…To a Centennial Factory in Turkey

Our dedication to sustainable practices takes center stage, powered by clean energy and a zero-waste philosophy. It's within the respected Ipeker facilities in Turkey that Chō finds its form. Here, the eco-friendly Cupro yarns are skillfully woven into our signature vegan silk, showcasing the sublime elegance that defines Chō.

Chõ’s purpose is to create a world where rest is a sacred ritual.

We aim to ensure you an ultimate sense of comfort and luxury with resting rituals in all areas of your life.

This compassionate twin to traditional silk, is just as luxurious, but with a promise: no harm to mother nature.

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